The best investment you can make…



Years ago, a street vendor in Mexico used a line on me that I will never forget. As I tried to bargain with him, he looked at me and said – “Senior, won’t make you a poor man – might make me a rich man. And… he had me. I paid him full price and both of us went away happy. I did not lose my “man card”and gained a perspective that has served me time and again.

And so it is with this team, it is not cheap to live where they live. It is actually quite expensive in many ways…so they just do without. Without medical care. Without proper nutrition. Without reliable transportation. Their housing is minimal. BUT, they carry the work load and more of many of our leaders here in our country.

Our goal is simple – a lot of us giving a little to help them do their jobs and live in a way that their families have some chance of climbing out of the poverty that most Christians live experience in their country.

Our goal is to help them live in ways that they can be more effective and to share with them some of the abundance that God has given to us.

So, Thank-you for backing your brothers!

Please indicate the amount you would like to give each month. We start with $10, but are thankful for those who can give more. Just simply change the $10 to what ever you would like to give.

If you do not wish to give monthly, simply fill in the amount you would like to give and UNCHECK “Make this Donation Monthly”

For those of you who would like to give offline – Checks may be made payable to : The Cross Connecting Network, 2356 Salt Wind Way, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466. Please indicate Frontline in the memo line.

Frontline.Supply is an initiative of The Cross Connecting Network and registered 501 (c) (3) non- profit organization. Your tax receipts and donations will be acknowledge by The Cross Connecting Network.